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Vi-tal-o-gy: (n)


1. Vitalogy literally means the study of life.


2. Where health, wellness and beauty elegantly integrate.

Vitalogy Health and Integrative Medicine is dedicated to it’s mission to provide patients with the motivation and education they need to make simple lifestyle changes that will enhance their overall well-being and improve their quality of life.  We strive to be a trusted space for health and healing.  We hope to nurture and support your well-being and partner with you in exceeding your health goals.


Feeling healthy inside and out plays a huge part in our lives, and we specialize in simplifying that process.  Recognizing the many facets that contribute to your overall health and wellness, Vitalogy offers tailored options to optimize your health goals.

At Vitalogy, we use state of the art technology in combination with science-backed treatments to provide you with exceptional health care.  You’ll enjoy a carefully crafted atmosphere of stylish elegance at our wellness boutique.  We understand that feeling your best takes place on the inside and out.  We hope to make the world of aesthetics more approachable and de-stigmatize the industry so our clients can embrace all aspects of wellness and celebrate the decision to look and feel their best.  There’s no doubt about the fact that how we look, impacts the way we feel.


Our Founder, Alison Brown, has been serving Denver for 15 years.  Vitalogy is a local business, staffed by local people, who know and understand the lifestyle of Colorado.  Colorado is full of beautiful, health conscious individuals who desire to feel their best on the inside and out.  We’d love to help you stay on track with your goals to keep your health and wellness at optimal levels.


Fun Fact


The clinic’s name, Vitalogy, was inspired by a book our Founder, Alison, came across written in the 1890’s.  Vitalogy is a tongue in cheek book by today’s standards and has a gritty, nostalgic feel to it.  You will find copies of this interesting book around the clinic and an original book from 1899 in Alison’s office.  It turns out that Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam was inspired by the same book. He borrowed excerpts for the liner notes of one of his albums in the 1990’s and named it Vitalogy.  So *obviously*, Alison had to get a vinyl copy of the album to listen to on her record player. She found herself listening to the record over and over during her late nights building the clinic.  To Alison’s surprise, both the book and the record served as unexpected inspiration for the clinic on many levels. 


Alison completed her Advanced Nurse Practitioner education and training at the University of Cincinnati, OH College of Nursing. She is a Nationally Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, a member of the American Nurse Practitioner Association, and is a Certified Biote Provider. Alison has 15 years of experience treating obesity, hormone imbalances, sexual function and dysfunction and specializes in aesthetic medicine to address common skin concerns and the aging process. Alison has completed extensive training in preventive aging and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, highlighting her expertise in caring for women and men through the years of hormonal change. She also has a dedicated interest and a wealth of experience in various specialty areas such as PMS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Nutrition and Weight Loss, Metabolic Syndrome, Eating Disorders, Male and Female intimate wellness/sexual enhancement and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures.


Alison was raised with holistic values and after years of exposure to various areas of conventional medical care, she found herself hungry for treating patients as a whole, considering mind-body-spirit and nutrition. She is thrilled to work with men and women of all ages to reach their health and wellness goals, using an integrative medicine approach. Alison firmly believes that we all deserve to experience optimal health, a sharp and focused mind, ample energy levels and the strength and energy we need to accomplish our daily goals. In short: to live our lives full of vitality. She strongly believes that sexual health and satisfaction is a basic human need for personal and relational wellness often neglected in traditional medical care. Alison has witnessed the unfortunate decline of patients’ health and wellbeing due to various factors such as low hormone levels, exposure to toxins and allergens, hidden infections, inflammation, and last but certainly not least, the detrimental effects of consuming a typical American diet.  She has also witnessed the body’s amazing ability to heal itself when we remove harmful substances while at the same time provide the body with the vital elements it requires to function at its best. Alison believes in searching for the root cause of a disease so that we can fix the underlying issue rather than mask the symptoms with treatments that may result in side effects and a poor outcome.


Alison’s style is to work as a team with each patient to develop a treatment plan that they feel is achievable from their own perspective. She creates a custom and individualized plan for every client. Alison’s top priority is helping patients reach their health goals and feel their best!

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