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Everyone can benefit from green juice fasting. Regardless of how healthy one’s lifestyle or diet might be, we live in a toxic world. On a chronic basis, we are all exposed to harmful chemicals in our environment. Most foods contain pesticides, preservatives and additives that are difficult for the body to process. Additionally, the air and water supplies of most populated areas are contaminated. Indiscriminate use of pharmaceuticals and habits like alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and other drugs push the body into toxic overload. Other habits on an emotional/psychological level have a similar deleterious effect. Moreover, the fast-paced multitasking lifestyle that has become the collective norm is extremely taxing on the physiology.


In short, most bodies are being given demands that they cannot sustain. When our bodies become overloaded, elimination processes slow, overworked organs are unable to finish their respective tasks, and toxins become embedded in our systems. The results may or may not be apparent to the naked eye, but inevitably lead to diseases and decrease our capacity to function optimally.

The most common symptoms of Toxic Overload Are:

  • low energy/fatigue

  • poor concentration/memory

  • strong food cravings

  • depression

  • digestive problems

  • aches and pains

  • sugar/caffeine/alcohol/drug dependence

  • frequent illnesses

  • excess weight

  • disease

  • premature aging

Juice fasting allows the body to divert the energy normally expended on the digestive process and use it, instead, on the eradication of toxicity, acidity, and other bodily contaminants. The Detoxification Program consists of medically supervised green juice fasting combined with detoxification treatments that facilitate cleansing. The 10-day Detox is a 7-day juice fast plus three days live food meals, including the re-introduction of healthy food into the system upon breaking the fast.

Additionally, fasting has long been heralded as a potent state for spiritual evolution. It helps to bring clarity and a feeling of interconnectedness. Daily optional programs such as meditation, yoga, and spiritual discussion offer the opportunity to enhance the journey of self-discovery and expand consciousness. Participants find this an invaluable aspect of the detoxification process.

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